Jeevan Surabhi T.No. 106 , 107 , 108 money back plan

Jeevan surabhi plan is similar to the other money back plan. However main differences in regular money back plan and jeevan surabhi are: maturity term is more then premium paying term, early and higher rate of survival benefit payment risk cover increases every five years. This plan is suitable for businessmen & professionals, who benefits at periodical intervals this plan is not allowed when occupational extra is chargeable and pregnant Full S.A. is paid back as survival benefit by the end of premium Paying term In profits till the end of policy term.

Plan parameters


Age at entry: Min. 14 yrs, LBD Max. 55/50/45
Maturity age: Max. 70 yrs.
Sum assured: Min. 50,000, Max. No. Limit
S.A. in multiples: 5000
Term: Min.15/20/25 yrs, Max.15/20/25 yrs 
Mode of payment: YLY/HLY/QLY/SSS/MLY
Accident benefit: Re. 1 Extra per
(Max. 50 Lac inclusive 1000 S.A.
All plan) 
Policy loan: yes
Housing loan: yes
Assignment: yes
Revival: yes
Surrender of policy: yes
Term rider: N.A.



Survival benefit: Following survival benefit are paid provided policy is in full force for full S.A.

Death benefit: 
If death occurs at anytime during the term of a policy (provided the policy has been kept in force by payment of all premiums that had fallen due), the amount (as per table below) along with vested bonus is payable. The survival benefit already paid if any, will not be deducted from this claim amount.